Special service:

DATA Removal/Destruction - (DOD wiped/HIPPA approved): $15 per hard drive
Data Removal / Destruction Certificate $25 certificate (ALL HDDs INCLUDED)
Data Removal / Destruction $15 per hard drive

Remove Hard Drive from PC or Laptop

$10 per hard drive removed
Drop-off fee structure
Item Recycling Fee
TV (any) FREE (dismantled / in pieces $2.00 per inch)
Computer monitor FREE (dismantled / in pieces $2.00 per inch)
PC / Tower FREE
Laptop / Tablet FREE
Cell phones FREE
Ink cartridges FREE
Servers FREE
Network switches FREE
UPS system $5.00
UPS battery $1.00
Motherboards / circuit / misc. boards .50 per pound
Landline phones .50 per pound
VHS tapes / CDs / DVDs .50 per pound
Mixed: wire / cable / remotes, etc..
(Batteries must be removed)
No batteries: .50 per pound
With batteries: $8.00 per pound
Stereos / Receivers / Speakers / DVD / VCR $5.00 per unit / set / pair
Toner cartridges $5.00 each
Microwaves $10 small
$20 large
Printers / scanners / copiers $5.00 scanner only (small)
$10 all-in-one printers (small / desktop only)
$15.00 LaserJet (small / desktop only)
$0.50 per pound for ALL other sizes printers / scanners / copiers
Copiers Prices vary by size. For details, email
**Woodinville drop-off location only**
Batteries (Alkaline / Li-ion NiMH NiCad etc..) $8.00 per pound
Fluorescent Tubes $1 per foot
CFL Bulbs $8.00 per pound
Mini fridge / fridge-freezer / freezer $40 each
**Woodinville drop-off location only**
AC Units-Window / Rolling $40 each
**Woodinville drop-off location only**
Small appliances $5 (blenders, coffee machines, mixers, vacuum cleaners)

Commercial fees

Our goal is to minimize your recycling costs. We will consider each commercial recycling request looking for ways to reduce your costs. Click here to make a request.

Accepted items for recycling
Electronics item
TV (any type)
Computer monitor
PC / tower
Laptop or tablet
Cell phone
Ink cartridge
Network switch
Circuit board or other board
Landline phone
Stereo or receiver
DVD or VCR player
Toner cartridge
Microwave cooker
VHS tape or CD or DVD or BlueRay DVD
Mixed box of wire, cable, etc.
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supple) unit
Printer (desktop)
UPS battery - LED ACID battery
Batteries (alkaline, li-ion, NiMH, NiCad, etc.)
Florescent tube
CFL bulb
Mini-fridge or fridge-freezer
AC (air-conditioning) unit (window or rolling)


Recycling is the process of maximizing the reuse of components from older equipment in order the extend the life of other equipment.

Sometimes the working components from an otherwise broken, single computer can bring several other computers back to life!

What we do is, determine the optimal use of all components to bring the most valuable overall set of equipment to working fully again. It's a bit like triage in the field, one of our customers once reminded us; focus on the optimal use of resources to maximum effect.

Local Businesses choose a Local Recycler!

We are certified Electronics Recyclers in the Puget Sound Area since 1999. You pick the schedule and we will come by and recycle your Electronics and Universal Waste (Batteries, Fluorescent Bulbs, Etc).

  • We offer full service in Snohomish and King County!
  • ON Call or Regular Scheduled Service
  • Most of your items stay in our communities!
  • We work with small or large businesses and can offer full Certification of Recycling and Data Destruction
  • We accept all electronics and don’t ‘cherry pick’
  • In some cases, for High Value components we can also buy materials.
  • We work with many local businesses and charities to put your devices back to work.
  • Have an event for your employees! We will take their electronics too!
  • We are also an IT Company, we specialize in Small and Medium Businesses……we can help keep your devices working longer!

Sales and repair

We humans live in a disposable world. Today, clothes, phones, shoes and many more commodities are often thrown away after only a few years. Our parents -- or even our grandparents -- will remind us about how long a pair of shoes would be held onto in the good ol' days. Today, however, equipment like printers are thrown away as soon as they break down. An 'economy' printer might not be worth repairing, but can often be salvaged for its parts.

Visit our Bellevue store if you need your electronics repaired.

PC Recycle and Repair is not just a recycle company

We also offer professional computer repair. We can also assist you in software & hardware upgrades!

PC Recycle is much more than a electronic recycling and drop off point. We offer our customers new and refurbished electronics, cables, computer parts and more. In each store we provide a full service department including In Home and At Office support. We also offer Pickup service at your home or at your office. Please call or click on the tabs above for more information. We have locations in Bellevue and Bothell for your convenience.

In 2014, Microsoft ceased support of Windows XP, so your Windows XP Machines will no longer be updated from Microsoft. This means your XP computer will have vulnerabilities and become less and less secure as more time goes by. Come in to look at options with us! We are official Microsoft Refurbishers and a part of the Microsoft Partner Network. We can get you set up with a refurbished PC and transfer your data to a Windows 7 or 8 machine.


Services We Offer:

  • Virus / Spyware Removal
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • AntiVirus/Malware Software
  • Remote PC Repair!
  • Hardware & Software Diagnostic
  • Data Recovery
  • Revive A Broken PC
  • Operating System Install (Official Microsoft Registered Refurbisher)
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